Certified Nutritionist Mira Calton is the author of, “RICH FOOD POOR FOOD: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System.” Mira has five tips and 20 fruits and vegetables that should always be purchased organic. While food labels may say “natural”, the contents actually may not be as “natural” as you may think.

Mira Calton is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist, and is Board Certified in Integrative Health. Mira became interested in nutrition because of personal experience. Before entering the nutritional spotlight, she owned and ran her own PR firm in Manhattan with a specialization in high-end fashion, film, and restaurant promotion. Her was put on hold when she was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at 30. Unable to continue running her firm, Mira searched outside of the traditional medical community to find a cure to her diagnosis. Her search led to Orlando, Florida, where she met nutritional guru, Jayson Calton. Working together, the two created a drug-free, micronutrient based program, which completely reversed Mira’s advanced osteoporosis, and inspired them both to make micronutrient deficiency the focus of their lives.



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