Dr Allan Hamilton began his working career as a janitor, but he sure didn’t stay one. From scrubbing floor and emptying trash cans, Dr Hamilton moved on to graduating from Harvard Medical School and finishing his neurosurgical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He now has Professorships at the University of Arizona in Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, Psychology, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

He’s written over 20 medical textbook chapters, 50 peer-review research articles, and worked on the editorial board of several medical journals. He is also a decorated Army officer, serving in Operation Desert Storm.

Fernando speaks with Dr Hamilton about technological uses for our medical care, the power of the mind, and his book Zen Mind, Zen Horse – The Science and Spiritualilty of Training Horses.

Key Takeaways:

[4:08] Why Dr. Hamilton hates the phrase “dummy medicines”

[7:52] Stopping your intellect from hampering your hope, and creating “intention”

[11:42] How the evolution of bicycles, and the creation of the market for mountain bikes, is a perfect example of putting the intention out there

[15:35] What things Dr Hamilton is working on currently to extend life

[18:51] Whether Dr Hamilton is concerned that the move toward quantified self will lead to more self diagnosis

[22:07] The possible amazing implications technology can bring to healthcare

[25:54] Dr Hamilton’s ties to Gray’s Anatomy



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