As your age increases society will have you believe that you need to start forgetting things and slow down. Well it’s just not true. With these 20 Tips you can be aware of what changes your body is encountering physically so you can be prepared mentally. Supplements can replace dwindling hormones and erase vitamin deficiencies (be sure to get quality supplements). Meditate with your new pound puppy for 10 minutes a day for a new outlook on life. It really helps!

Key Takeaways:

[:39] Deborah’s vast experience

[2:35] Life is hard, wear a helmet

[5:11] Free Report for our listeners!

[5:55] Hormones affect your cognitive abilities

[6:20] Hypo-thyroidism largely goes undiagnosed

[7:11] Both genders can have hormone deficiencies

[8:28] Definitive tests you should request from your Doctor

[9:48] A moderate amount of coffee is ok?

[10:18] The internal microbiome aka gut flora

[1:17] UTI’s can trigger dementia like symptoms in older adults

[12:37] Candida is caused by heavy sugar consumption

[13:52] You need 3-5 cfu’s of bacteria and yogurt just can’t supply it

[15:18] Meditation is backed by science, relax and heal

[17:34] H2Ohhh, you need more water

[18:41] Pet ownership is good for your brain

[20:07] Strengthen your synaptic connections through sleep

[21:59] Omega 3 fats, try a fish oil supplement

[22:59] Get you vitamin D tested

[23:36] Learn a musical instrument teaches your brain new things

[24:36] Up your B12 intake vegans

[25:52] Coconut oil, you can use it so many ways

[27:38] We are born to get wild

[28:28] I’m old so I don’t remember is based on a myth, get sharp

[30:02] Watch some movies from the 80’s, 60 is the new 40

[31:20] The idea of retirement can be hazardous to your health

[33:17] Discover your purpose in life

[34:50] FISH – First in still here, keep a list


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Man’s search for meaning – Viktor Frankl


Does your Doctor listen to your symptoms before writing a prescription? Be ready and request these tests.

Do you still have a purpose in life? A purpose for good or ill can elongate your life.

20 Tips to help you sharpen your brain so you can break out of the old stereotype and start living.

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