Everything is connected. We need to start treating the whole person through inclusive health methods rather than treating certain symptoms. Our lives are filled with one thing after another, our schedules so full we get frustrated just looking at the calendar. Any type of stress causes dehydration which leads to rapid aging as our cells become dryer and dryer. Humans need to work on their emotional health as well as their physical health. The genders have different water levels and both males and females will lose water over time with women losing more. It’s important to keep our bodies hydrated through proper diet and exercise to slow the breakdown of cells which slows the aging process. Skin care is important both inside and out.

Key Takeaways:

[1:46] Eat your water for added benefit

[2:45] The goal is a sturdy cell

[4:00] We become more dehydrated as we age

[5:03] The tire/cell analogy

[6:50] Dr, Murad’s hypothesis on aging is dehydration

[9:36] We are 75% water when we are born

[10:54] Mitigating the damage of aging through rehydration

[11:30] It’s why eating right and exercise are so important

[12:58] Women have less cellular hydration than men – the blood alcohol example

[14:10] Differences in aging as it pertains to gender

[15:18] Women live longer because they take better care of themselves emotionally

[16:43] Stress is an emotional response that causes physical problems

[19:24] It all boils down to water

[21:09] 365 insights are included in Dr. Murad’s book

[23:53] We limit ourselves as we get older

[26:00] Recommended daily supplements for your picture of health

[28:59] You may need more than one pill to give you everything you need

[29:40] Inclusive Health – Treating the whole body

[31:32] 3 different types of aging


Conquering Cultural Stress

Creating a Healthy Life



Men and women can drink the same amount of alcohol but a woman’s blood alcohol level will register higher.

If just looking at your calendar makes you frustrated your health is being affected by stress.

There are so many articles and studies on supplements. How do you know what to believe or what to take?

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