Your pineal gland has been a victim of Sodium Fluoride intake through the water you drink and through products used on your body for many years. The addition of this chemical to everyday products has been used by the wealthy as means of profit driven control. Therefore, many people have limited communication with their spiritual selves and have high levels of toxicity in their bodies. You are able to access and detoxify your pineal gland through meditation and proper breathing techniques. Cleansing your pineal gland or third eye allows you to connect your physical and metaphysical worlds.

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] A convergence conference inspired Justin

[2:47] Just what is the pineal gland

[3:32] There’s a war on your third eye

[5:42] Fluoride is toxic and cancerous for the human body

[7:52] Critical faculty is bypassed by drug company commercials

[9:30] Depopulation is a goal of the most wealthy families

[12:30] Awaken your pineal gland and heal yourself through meditation

[15:05] Meditation fully oxygenates your brain

[16:06] A high percentage of pineal glands are calcified and dead

[17:20] Connect with your spiritual self and higher realms of consciousness

[18:00] Remembering your lucid dreaming

[19:36] Learn for yourself and detox your pineal gland


Divine Cosmos



β€œHow do the drug companies bypass your critical faculty and influence your unconscious mind in commercials?”

β€œAre there too many people on the planet? Are you a resource or a parasite on planet earth?”

β€œMeditation allows you to connect with your spiritual self and reach higher realms of consciousness.”

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