People are able to perceive a fear of all kinds of interesting things. To move past these fears many turn to hypnotherapy to make a change from the inside out. A hypnotherapy session includes the programming or reprogramming of your subconscious mind based on words and sounds. Jason’s guest Dr. Steve G. Jones’s has 5 parts to his hypnosis techniques and they are induction, deepening, script, amnesia and trans-termination. He has successfully practiced and taught this process since the 1980’s. There are people who are more susceptible to hypnosis but this doesn’t mean they have a weak mind. In fact, there are special techniques applied to the recordings to pinpoint those who may have a more analytical mind. If you are interested in making a change in your life listen in.

Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Hypnosis can make a positive change in the subconscious

[3:10] Jason shares a personal story about hypnosis

[6:25] Defining the hypnotic state

[7:26] Educate yourself and clean up your self talk

[9:45] The importance of your social circle

[10:33] The 5 parts to hypnosis

[14:53] A hypnotherapy session includes programming of your subconscious

[16:18] The delivery method is better when personalized

[18:25] It’s unlikely for people to be influenced to do things immoral while hypnotized

[18:53] Are there people who can not be hypnotized?

[20:11] Increasing the effectiveness of hypnotic recordings

[22:08] You are able to take in information while sleeping

[23:13] What are good topics for effective hypnotherapy?

[24:54] People fear just about everything

[28:17] Recording techniques are varied using music, binaural tones or repetition


The Complete Guide to Hypnosis – Leslie Lecron

The Secret


It’s smart to get people in your social circle who think positively and are worthy of your attention.

Will you fall for the 5 parts to hypnosis? Does it mean your mind is weak if you do?

How can you make hypnotic recordings more effective? Listen at night, because your ears don’t sleep.

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