Becoming aware of your automatic responses and habits can give you the ability to relieve yourself from pain, give you a longer life and even, for some, cure cancer. Using a technique called mental rehearsal you can reprogram yourself to create chemicals that have a healing effect on your body. Dr. Joe Dispenza has two books to help you on your journey.

Key Takeaways:

[1:27] Programming human genes with feelings

[4:45] What is the autonomic nervous system

[7:48] The ability to heal yourself

[9:17] The place where conventional medicine has resigned

[10:50] The key element is the psychological and emotional stress

[12:54] Extending your life through telomeres

[16:57] There are different levels of skill set in self healing

[20:14] You are an accumulation of what you have done in the past

[22:18] New experiences and new emotions are available if you want them

[23:16] The redundancy of the feedback loop keeps the body living in the past

[24:34] Nerve cells that wire together fire together

[25:27] We can replace thoughts and teach our bodies to change

[26:18] It’s time to know how


Dr Joe Dispenza

Breaking the Habit of Being You

You Are the Placebo


β€œDo you know how to change who you are? It’s simply a process of re-firing your nerve endings at different times.”

β€œIf you want to move past something you need to move on to your future by changing who you are.”

β€œDid you know your body has a prescription pad built in? All you need to do is tell it what chemicals you need.”

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