Everyone has heard of stem cells but always in a shroud of controversy. We’ve all heard snippets of “Are they safe? Do you have to harvest them from embryo’s, etc.” In this episode we learn the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells, which one may be considered controversial and how this type of therapy may be the wave of the future in medicine.

Key Takeaways:

[1:14] Dr. Jane has a passion for alternative medicine and practices endocrinology

[1:46] Hyperbaric therapy uses a pressurized chamber to enhance cell regeneration

[2:41] Hyperbaric is approved by medicare

[3:32] Stem cell therapy uses a person’s cells to repair damaged areas

[6:35] Adult or Embryonic stem cells, which stem cell is used for what reason

[8:06] Using your own cells eliminates rejection

[9:40] You can store your stem cells

[10:29] Mexico, Europe, Thailand are all countries researching stem cells

[11:59] Adult stem cell use is still too new to be considered curative

[13:34] A healthy lifestyle may be more effective than stem cell therapy

[15:01] All reports and experiments show stem cell therapy works

[16:54] The next breakthrough in this technology may be over the counter

[17:39] Stem cell therapy is currently doctor administered

[18:38] Contact Dr.Jane and how to find her products

[20:09] Growth factors stimulate skin cells

[20:51] This is going to change medicine


Healing Saint

Wellness 360


What countries are advancing on stem cell research and why is the U.S. holding researchers back.

How exactly does hyperbaric therapy work and how does it regenerate human cells?

What is the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells? Why is one controversial?

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