If you get all of your nutrition from food you don’t need supplements.

We humans aren’t able to change our genetics, yet. What we do have control over, however, is the daily amount of stress and unhappiness we endure. While you may find yourself afraid of the unknown other side of life, Dr. Madow’s best advice is to make changes in your life which will increase your happiness level . As far as diet and exercise, you already know the rules. You don’t need an expensive gym membership you just need to eat right and get outside and move around.

Key Takeaways:

[1:38] Besides good genes it’s all about your emotional health

[3:42] If you are miserable in your job or your relationships you must fix it

[5:53] Stress is a common cause of many illnesses

[8:14] Failing is a test, if the test proves negative move on to your next test

[10:33] You know in your heart is something is right

[12:04] Obesity is more of a problem than famine, which boggles the mind

[14:31] Cut your food in half and try using smaller plates

[16:15] Eating 6 meals a day makes your body satisfied with less food

[16:45] Exercise around the home – Try the magic 4

[20:11] You don’t need technology to keep yourself active

[22:12] Clothes didn’t come in XXL in the past and sizes are bigger by design

[23:13] Vegan is a plant based, whole food diet

[24:24] People take notice of your good health

[25:16] My book really is just about simplifying your life


Slice Your Age

King Corn


Impress the World with Your Body in 7 Days


Do you really want to end up saying where did my life go? Try something new and if it doesn’t work it’s ok.

If you want people to take notice of your good health try eating more leafy greens and whole grains.

Do you know the Magic 4 of exercise? Walking just 4 miles a day will keep you fit and happy.

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