Strengthening our bodies, strengthening ourselves.

Dr. Young started medical school with high ideals of curing illnesses and making people healthy. In his third year, he approached the grim realization that today’s medicine is not about curing, it’s about which drug fits which ailment. He now uses early medicinal practices and papers to help his patients at the cell level and shares with us the only 8 minerals you need to survive.

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] I wanted to cure sickness and disease but they told me to shut up

[3:53] The first thing you need is a strong immune system and strong cell membrane

[5:39] Can you get too much protein and is it bad for my liver

[7:46] Is protein a large molecule

[8:11] Expanding your protein intake can open up your blood vessels to drop the pressure

[10:34] You want a whole protein, not an isolate

[11:09] A low heat protein without maltodextrin

[12:40] If you want to control your disease check your Vitamin D3

[15:40] You use between 5-10,000 IU a day just being alive

[17:14] If your cell membrane is not right it does not make Vitamin D

[18:44] When a cell starts to die it goes through a 3 step process

[20:40] Adding an oil to the protein, you must emulsify oil in a protein

[22:03] Leaching out your minerals through your kidneys

[23:45] The body only needs 8 minerals to produce all the other minerals it needs

[24:24] Sodium, chloride, calcium, iodine, manganese, magnesium, chromium and phosphorus

[26:26] When a cell swells the body swells

[28:00] During Holiday dinners eat plenty of proteins and don’t go overboard on desserts


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Young idyllic doctors want to cure sickness and disease, but it’s not about that anymore.

Sure water is good for you but if you drink too much you are simply leaching out all your minerals.

Did you know the proper balance of these 8 minerals they will produce any others you need on their own?

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