Proper supplementation and exercise are necessary for a fully functioning system.

Everyone knows exercise makes everything better, but exercise doesn’t stop our cells from aging. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food, supplementation becomes important to adults. Today’s show focuses on the four pillars of cenegenics which are nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and testosterone or TA65. We help you to understand the why behind the program and side effects which may arise and how to properly deal with them.

Key Takeaways:

[1:14] Dr. Alan Mintz and John Adams started our company 15 years ago

[3:26] Nutrition – Eat what God made in its most natural state

[4:47] Supplementation – Blood tests will help you understand the supplements you need

[6:56] Our program is preventative and focuses on clients optimum ranges

[11:33] Over 25,000 people have been in the program – 60% Male, 40% Female

[13:20] Exercise – Cardiovascular and resistance training

[17:33] Telomeres keep DNA molecules from unraveling

[19:08] When a cell divides it shortens, we try to length it

[20:32] Results of TA-65 are thicker hair, stamina, harder nails

[22:59] Changing bad habits is good for you but testosterone helps to build muscle

[24:54] Potential side effects are blood thickening and increased estrogen

[27:00] Supplemental testosterone can lower sperm counts in men

[27:52] Genetic markers for cholesterol

[30:26] We do not participate with any insurance companies




How do you know which supplements to take? You may need a blood test for best results.

Did you know as you age a healthy diet and exercise may not be enough to improve your overall health?

Heard of cenegenics but not exactly sure what it is? Dr. John Rush explains it in detail.

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