A pH below 7.0 is acidic. A pH above 7.0 is alkaline. Good things to know, but what does it all mean for your health and longevity? This week we talk with Ralph McRae from Leading Brands, the company behind Happy Water. Happy water is an alkaline water which combines spring water with mineral water. The mineral water contains a naturally occurring amount of lithia, the main component of the pharmaceutical drug Lithium. Lithia doesn’t extend your life expectancy, but the company claims it adds quality to your life no matter how many years you are gifted.

Key Takeaways:

[1:12] Happy Water is a blend of mineral and spring water, including lithia

[2:47] Lithia improves well-being

[3:36] Neurogenesis – Creating brain cells

[4:54] Alkalinity

[7:25] Coffee is it good or bad for you

[9:03] What happens when you expose alkaline water to air

[10:32] Adding rolaids to water can make alkaline water

[10:50] It’s all about balance

[11:46] Distilled water is an absence of minerals

[12:50] Understanding Lithium and the 7 Up example

[14:38] Likening sugar to smoking

[16:23] Ralph learned how to eat

[18:42] Beverage industry trends

[20:40] Quality of life is as important as longevity


Leading Brands

Happy Water


With all of our medical advances, why isn’t life expectancy extended?

Did you know 7 Up previously contained lithia, a core component of the pharmaceutical lithium drug?

With so many sources of alkaline water, how do you know which source is the best for your health?

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