Eat the rainbow slowly, alternating foods for balanced nutrient intake.

Tools and apps and programs and diets are all worthless unless you can stick to them. The human mind has a tendency to not get back up on the horse when it fails at a fitness or dietary program. Dr. Young recommends three basic principles which all deal with the food we put in our bodies. It’s all about moderation.

Key Takeaways:

[1:32] Background on Body Solutions and Dr. Young

[2:33] 3 Core value hacks for longevity

[5:12] 1.) Eating the rainbow, slowly

[7:34] Lab tests by ALCAT will perform a blood test

[9:30] It’s so appealing to make people think they only need to 1 thing

[11:03] What contributes to systemic inflammation and how to bio hack the process

[13:07] 2.) The 80/20 rule – No processing allowed

[15:30] Nutrition is much like fashion right now, what’s in vogue at the time

[17:58] 3.) Don’t judge food, no food is bad

[19:39] One single stretch to make you feel better after sitting for a long time

[21:21] 30-second hold stretches, start in the morning and then repeat over the course of the day

[26:10] Consistency is the key to any program

[27:44] It takes 3-6 weeks to make or break a habit

[28:23] How to find out more about sustainable information for better health


Dr. Steve Young

Hartman Media

Body Solutions


The PH Miracle

Tabata app


Do you spend most of your life sitting in a desk or driving in a car? This one stretch will help.

Do you know the 3 core principles to increasing your quality of life and possibly adding some years?

The nutrition industry has become much like the fashion industry, some program is always in vogue.

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