Proper breathing, meditation and stretching for a longer happier life.

Mobility or lack of it can make or break your positive outlook and disrupt your daily routine. Old fitness terms such as no pain, no gain are outdated and can confuse us when understanding what constitutes progress and what exercises are hurting us. Even modified yoga poses can cause stress on parts of the body which may not be flexible enough due to an injury or chronic pain. Our guest Debbie Siebers, tells us the key is consistent movement and proper breathing. She talks us through some stretching techniques and offers us advice on mediation methods.

Key Takeaways:

[1:25] Techniques to warm up your body and your joints

[2:42] Empowering yourself with consistent movement

[4:52] Positions to release the lower back

[8:35] Yoga should be customized for your body and fitness level

[12:24] Essential aspects for longevity

[15:23] Turning off your mind’s chatter in order to meditate

[21:20] The Beachbody infomercial

[25:00] Your inner light and inner beauty shine through

[27:35] Accept yourself the way you are now

[28:21] Contact info for Debbie


Debbie Siebers


Slim in 6

Dr. Weil


Yoga has many different dimensions. You should only use the poses that fit within your fitness level.

Many people don’t know how to breathe properly. Long, deep breaths can enhance your meditation.

Music can be essential to meditation. It’s not as easy as one might think to turn off your mind’s chatter.

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