Knowing the source of inflammation and addressing it can save your life.

Everyday living in modern society exposes us to radiations, chemicals and frequencies which the human body was not designed to combat. Add to that cooking techniques, beauty products and hybridized foods and our systems get out of whack. Dr. T educates us about the risk of skin cancer due to lack of sun exposure, how a $200 test can save us from colon cancer 30 years early and on why we should blend our nutrition shakes instead of juicing them.

Key Takeaways:

[1:18] Extending life is about addressing risk factors which shorten life

[6:17] Using Nepalese as an example of longevity due to average lifespan numbers

[10:25] Preventing chronic disorders and autoimmune diseases which are leading causes of death

[12:08] Cumulative sun exposure can eliminate cancers caused by melanoma

[19:33] Using lasers can cause scar tissue if deeper than the epidermis

[22:13] Electric car owners may be exposing themselves to untested levels of electromagnetics

[24:11] Reducing your ecological footprint can help the human race

[24:37] A stool test in Europe can be an early detector of colon cancer, but it’s not used in the U.S.

[28:02] A $200 M2PK test can detect colon cancer up to 30 years before symptoms occur

[31:48] An anti-inflammatory diet is the best way to prevent disease

[33:42] Eating animal foods can increase cortisol which increases blood sugar levels

[36:00] Blend instead of juicing to get the fiber and the peel which is important

[39:56] Do you know what fatty liver is?

[42:09] How to get a treatment program from Dr. T




β€œDo you know if you suffer from fatty liver? It’s when the liver has difficulty metabolizing fructose.”

β€œMixing greens with fruit consumption will help keep inflammation at bay and ensure a longer life.”

β€œA $200 M2PK stool test can alert you to enzymes in your body which indicate colon cancer risk.”

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