Following consumption guidelines designed for diabetes patients is your best anti-aging defense.

Most of us don’t view aging as a disease, which is why many possible treatments and methods go underfunded and never make it past the theory stage. If Laura Deming has her way all of this will change in the near future. She has been obsessed with finding a cure for aging since she was a teenager. She became a venture capitalist after leaving MIT because she was frustrated with the current system in which academia chases funding. She says even if you don’t have money to invest you can still help the cause by disseminating the information within your social and familial networks.

Key Takeaways:

[1:22] Laura quit MIT to promote therapies which were stuck in the lab

[2:00] Funding issues are at the core of medical research

[4:01] Drugs can help people a longer, happier life

[4:58] Growth hormone is akin to snake oil

[6:39] T65 doesn’t have the data behind it to make it credible

[7:12] Private investors are looking for preclinical investments

[8:20] There are drugs on the market which increase health span

[9:31] 1994 was the tipping point in medicine with the discovery of gene mutations

[10:38] Is aging a disease? Yes, and no one wants to talk about it

[13:03] Research diabetic remedies for those looking to increase good health

[14:30] The Longevity Fund is interested in increasing health span

[15:22] Contact Laura and her group

[15:50] Help the cause by talking with others about this campaign


The Longevity Fund

The Age of Aging – National Geographic

Laura Deming Tedmed talk


Aging is a disease which many investors choose to ignore when it comes to contributing for a cure.

If you want overall better health follow published remedies which are designed to treat diabetes.

Lack of funding is the main reason many aging treatments don’t make it past the preclinical stage.

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