Be the life of the party without alcohol.

If marketers had their way, we would all be sitting in front of a screen holding a cold can of beer in our hands. The lifestyle most of us accept as the norm can be devastating to our health. The blue light emitted from computer screens and cell phones interrupts our natural sleep patterns. Proper sleep is one of the big three imperatives for better health. Consuming alcohol causes depression, dehydration and reduces our motor functions. So why do we continue to abuse our bodies?

Our guest, James Swanwick, challenges us to consider how our lives can be improved without alcohol and shows us how to get better sleep with his blue light reducing, Swannies. James is someone who practices what he preaches. He created a video, 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, to help people reduce the amount of alcohol they consume by holding them accountable through an online support network. He is also the creator of Swannies, the stylish glasses that support your natural sleep patterns if worn 90 min before sleeping.

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] James interviewed celebrities in the past and now gets great podcast interviews

[3:51] The dangerous blue light that keeps us awake

[8:28] Just how do Swannies work? Which type light do they block?

[11:26] The 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge – Alcohol is a poison

[12:29] A hangover led James to abstain from alcohol

[16:13] Be the life of the party without alcohol

[17:56] Don’t apologize for not drinking and don’t preach

[20:00] Strategies you can use to maintain the No Alcohol program

[22:19] Marketers tell us we need alcohol

[24:30] James’ program affords people accountability

[26:04] Contact James & pick up some Swannies


The James Swanwick Show

Swanwick Sleep

30 Day No Alcohol Challenge



Light – The Medicine of the Future


Do you think you could be the life of the party without drinking any alcohol?

Keep technologies’ deadly blue light out of your system for a better sleep.

Is your lifestyle making you sick? Hacks to maintain your good health and still enjoy your life.

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