Perhaps the biggest auction in history occurred in 193 A.D. when the Praetorian Guard, personal bodyguards to the emperor, put the entire Roman Empire up for sale. Cheeky. Very cheeky. While Open Door Auctions has no offers from clients intending to sell an entire nation, we would like to address an issue of confusion that seems to have taken hold in the minds of some sellers. Visit:

While it’s true that the foreclosure process ends with what can be a demeaning (to the original homeowner anyway) sale to the highest bidder on the county courthouse steps, this is only a single example of how property auctions operate and who uses them.

Who else decides to auction their homes?

• Millionaires

• Middle Class

• Military members

• White-collar workers

• You

Did you catch that last one? Yes, most importantly, YOU should consider Open Door Auctions as the innovative new property auction service it is when it comes time to sell your house. The bottom line is that auctions never have been and certainly aren’t now only a vehicle for distressed properties to be auctioned on a chopping block for whatever stray bids come across the transom. We can auction your house from inquiry to sale within two short weeks, likely bringing you at least a few dozen market price bids – maybe more – from serious buyers, not bottom-feeders, who are every bit as real and motivated as any uncovered by the old way of doing business. Ultimately, you should realize that an Open Door Auctions sale carries every bit as much of prestige and legitimacy as the old style.

It’s not a matter of dumping distressed properties. It’s a matter of doing the smart thing. Please explore our website to uncover the full range of real estate services we offer.

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