Open Door Auctions founder and CEO Jason Hartman has seen a lot of hassle in his 20+ years in the real estate business. In fact, he’s seen so much unnecessary hassle that he devised a sales method that removes the hassle entirely. The trouble with the old- fashioned real estate strategy is that it’s bad for everyone. Sellers hate it. Buyers hate it. Even agents hate it. They do it because it makes them money – for some, a whole lot of money – but somewhere a little voice in the head cries, “Stop the insanity!”

Jason Hartman decided he would, indeed, stop the insanity. His innovative two-week approach to selling turns tradition on its head and makes everyone happy with the noticeable absence of hassle. Buyers love it. Sellers love it. Agents love it. It turns out that everyone likes a win/win situation better than a lose/lose situation. The fact that the old way of doing business has been allowed to persist for all these decades is a tribute to the staying power of dysfunction.

That might be a harsh judgment, but to willingly choose to sell your house in partnership with an industry that is so dysfunctional makes you…guess what? Dysfunctional! Don’t do it! No matter how squarely you think you have your head screwed on, no matter how much you are locked down for the long-term listing approach, it’s going to make you crazy at some point. Too much dawdling, lollygagging, and working at what seems to be cross-purposes.

Why does Open Door Auctions work so well? One reason is that we sell your house in two weeks. It’s that simple. Neither side has enough time to get too crazy in that short span of time. And this isn’t just an introductory period in which we plan not to really sell the house but upsell you into a higher-priced service. We do it all in two weeks – and that’s all we do. There’s no additional product or service to buy. Over the course of 14 short days, we’ll uncover what the free market wants to pay for your house. It’s up to you to decide whether the offer is acceptable or not. No traditional real estate agent with all his bellyaching and promising is going to cause your house to sell for more than the market wants to pay for it. While it takes him a year to arrive at the conclusion, we do it in two weeks.

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