Robert Dickie III is President of Crown Financial Ministries and author of The LEAP, and Love Your Work. Jason Hartman and Robert discuss how people can improve their life without putting themselves in debt. Thanks to the disruption technology has provided the world, Robert lays out how it’s easier and cheaper than ever to educate ourselves.

Key Takeaways:

[2:54] What exactly “stewardship” means at Crown Financial Ministries

[4:45] We have two economies that are currently fighting each other: the old, dying economy and the new economy being born

[8:55] The MOOC concept

[10:02] Robert gives us 3 websites that provide free education, and cheap certification

[13:31] Technology’s impact on ALL aspects of society and workplaces

[16:28] The industry that has companies like Google actively searching for talent, that you can use a MOOC to get in to

[18:45] How a MOOC led to a 16 year old from Mongolia being given a full ride to MIT


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