As real estate agents, it’s important to remember housing markets are local and you have nothing to do with what’s being reported in the news regarding the overall housing market.

Join Jason Hartman and master real estate agent coach, Rich Levin, as they discuss vital strategies to become a successful real estate agent, whether just beginning in the field or a seasoned agent looking to improve success.  According to Rich, agents need to build a strong local network and set strong goals.  Three important factors to look at include:  Skill Development, Psychology, and Measured Results.  For more details, listen at: Rich Levin trains champions. Early in his life he trained tennis champions, academic award winners and since 1996, Real Estate sales champions.  After majoring in Education and Sports Psychology Rich changed careers from school teacher and tennis professional to Real Estate. He was an Agent for five years, a manager for two years, and Broker Owner for a decade. Then in 1996 he devoted his full time to the teaching, training, and coaching of Real Estate professionals.

Rich Levin is a natural innovator. Long ago he noticed that what the most productive Agents actually do to reach high levels is very different from what the most prominent trainers and coaches were teaching.  So, Rich began to work one on one with Agents. One client after another achieved results beyond anyone’s expectation. Top Agents productions doubled and tripled. Mid level Agents became Top Agents. And new Agents quickly reached production that normally took many years to achieve. Rich recently completed and was certified as an e-Pro which is the only NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® approved Internet Certification Program.  The e-PRO Certification Course is an educational program is comprehensive and Interactive specifically designed to help real estate professionals thrive in the competitive world of online real estate.  Rich is committed to all aspects of the REALTOR’s® career and has completed this certification to ensure continual growth in both himself and his Clients. Rich is a master coach. The pure results of his coaching clients are the testament to this. People achieving production levels, incomes, lifestyles, and personal satisfaction beyond their highest expectations.  He is an entertaining and motivating speaker. He captivates his audiences. He reaches down where they feel it to shift their motivation and their thinking.

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