Jason Hartman interviews real estate trainer guru, Craig Proctor about his Quantum Leap System and how to create balance, yet still accelerate income as a real estate agent.

Listen in at:  http://AIPIS.org/category/educational-podcast/ for more insights to a more fulfilling and rewarding career as a real estate agent. Craig Proctor is the most sought after real estate trainer in the world. Every year for the past decade, Craig Proctor has been in the top 10 RE/MAX agents worldwide (out of 120,000 agents.) Craig followed his dad into real estate, copying what other agents did, only doing more of it, and in 1991, at the age of 29, he was named the No. 1 RE/MAX agent in the world. But Craig realized that he could not keep up the furious pace. His “work like a maniac” approach had given him “success,” but there was no way he could sustain that success. The price was too high. He had become a “machine.”

In 1992, Craig began his quest for a better way, a system that would give him peace of mind, while still bringing success. From his search, he learned and applied the important concept of leverage to everything he did. He effectively and efficiently leveraged his business with marketing, people, and technology. He was finally able to turn his attention to what he loves best, which is teaching and coaching others. Now, with his Quantum Leap System, Craig Proctor teaches his proven system to real estate agents across the North American continent, speaking at seminars, offering online teleseminars and teleconference training calls, and providing free coaching. He also publishes a monthly newsletter, entitled “Mastermind.”

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