Justin Verrengia is concerned about your pineal gland. Don’t be worried if that seems a little personal The health and care of this gland is not only critical to your physical health but also to your ability to not be bamboozled by those who seek to de-populate the earth. If all this seems a little wacky and “out there,” at least give it a few minutes. We used to think the earth was flat and the center of the universe. Those two assumptions turned out to be slightly off. Verrengia recently spoke with Jason Hartman on episode #29 of The Longevity Show.

Where Did the Pineal Obsession Start?

Justin attributes his interest in the proper care and feeding of the pineal gland to a conference he attended in Miami years ago. The speaker spent two days discussing the advantages of a healthy pineal gland and how it has been under attack by various nefarious forces over the years.

Defining the Gland

According to Wikipedia, the pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located in the epithalamus, between the two brain hemispheres. It produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone that affects sleep patterns and circadian cycles.

Verrengia expounds further by saying the gland connects the physical to the metaphysical world, and is the mystical and esoteric concept referred to as the Third (or inner) Eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight. The idea of a third eye has been accepted as reality for thousands of years in eastern cultures but has found less acceptance in the western world.

The War Against the Pineal Gland

So…is there a war being waged, as Justin Verrengia claims, against your own personal pineal gland? Let’s examine his opinion and decide for ourselves. At issue is the use of sodium fluoride in our drinking water. While the powers-that-be say it is good for our teeth, Verrengia and others point out that its other common use is rat poison. The theory goes that fluoridation calcifies the pineal gland, causing it to shrink, cutting off our connection to higher consciousness levels, and making us more docile and open to hypnotic suggestion.

Verrengia reminds us that the Nazis used this technique (among other revolting tactics) in World War II to keep concentration camp prisoners from rebelling against incarceration.

The question then becomes, who is so all-fired interested in population control? The answer is not surprising and includes a host of groups that have been blamed for various acts of megalomania over the decades: the military industrial complex, Big Tobacco, Big Pharmaceutical, and the Bilderberg Group. Verrengia even throws Bill Gates into the mix as a secret (or not so much) proponent of eugenics. Gates’ father was head eugenicist for several companies and Bill has been known to suggest Africa practice population control through vaccines.

Are We Nothing But Profit Centers for the Wealthy?

Verrengia’s interpretation of events transpiring around us are either the result of raving paranoia or insight into truly horrific behaviors. It all goes back to a little term called eugenics. Not a pleasant concept at all, eugenics is the science of using controlled breeding to improve the desirable heritable characteristics of the human population. The idea was developed in the early 20th century by Francis Galton as a way to improve humanity. Of course, the term “improve” can be interpreted in all sorts of different ways. The nazis are one example and the primary reason eugenics is seen as a very bad thing today.

Are there eugenicists around right now? Most certainly, according to Verrengia. Not only do we have the aforementioned Bill Gates (allegedly) but our thought patterns are openly manipulated by Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical, to name two.

Cigarettes are nothing more than a form of legal killing – there’s that depopulation angle – and then we have the medicine/drug industry, which deserves a section all to itself.

Medicine: East vs. West

Mr. Verrengia brings up an interesting point regarding the Big Picture approach to medical treatment in comparing Eastern versus Western. His contention is that the former is actually more advanced in thinking, and he might be right. Consider this. For centuries Eastern healers have approached disease with a holistic strategy intended to eliminate the disease.

This stands in polar opposition to the West, where the mainstream medical industry, driven by billions in support from Big Pharmaceutical, develop and dispense hundreds of drugs that target individual symptoms. They just treat symptoms! Never the underlying disease. Why? There isn’t any further profit to be made by curing a disease. Likewise, there is no money to be made by killing the patient. The goal is to keep them alive as long as possible all the while keeping them as sick as possible and in need of drugs.

How Can You Awaken Your Pineal Gland?

Amongst all this conspiratorial theorizing, Jason pulls the conversation back to a straightforward question: “What can we do to awaken the pineal gland?” Verrengia believes that the best option is through meditation and the conscious awareness of your breathing. He contends that meditation allows a person to actually recreate damaged DNA and awaken the Third Eye in spite of fluoridation and mind control techniques.

The process helps you feel healthier, increases blood circulation, allows you to live longer, and even feel more energized on less sleep. All this just because your pineal gland is functioning properly.

Even if you don’t believe everything Justin Verrengia is selling about the pineal gland, de-population, and mind control, meditation might not be a bad activity to try. Jason uses and swears by an iPhone app called Buddhify. We suggest you check it out. (Image: Flickr | Kah Wai Sin)

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