Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 237, originally published in December 2014.

Jason Hartman invites Jerry Robinson, author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation, to the show to share his views about what bankruptcy would look like. They discuss a variety of topics and consider frankly just how bleak America’s future could look. Robinson also gives his opinion on the impact of America’s international relations, as well as posing the interesting notion that we can see the path of America’s future by looking at the past of the rest of the world.

Key Takeaways

[3:50] Jerry Robinson’s Bankruptcy of Our Nation deals with facets of the economic crisis such as what happened, why it happened and what we thought would happen.

[6:09] In a number of ways, the 2014 picture we draw now looks very similar to the state of the world in 1914.

[15:01] – No-one does anything for nothing. A closer look at the incentives can provide a lot of insight.

[21:04] The psychological impact of the economy is already taking an effect. People now expect prices and values to go up, and are surprised if they don’t.

[27:20] Maybe we need to reassess our definition of evil to better match today’s global situation.

[31:15] – If the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia changes, it could change the entire balance of power in the Middle East.

[33:15] Exports are always going to be vital, and we need to consider the impact if the US becomes energy-independent.

[40:57] International threats, and especially those involving cyber-attacks, must be taken seriously. Even if you’re living in a city, know the precautions you can take.

[45:09] Find out about Jerry Robinson’s Five Levels of Financial Freedom at

[1:10:08] With mortgage debt, as an investor you don’t even need to pay this off yourself – your tenants pay it off for you.

Mentioned in this episode

Bankruptcy of our Nation by Jerry Robinson

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