Jason Hartman talks with Robert Amsterdam, partner at Amsterdam & Partners, about his law career and what Robert sees as some of the biggest issues with the perceptions of America around the world. Robert has worked for many nations during his career, including Turkey and Russia.

The two touch on America’s need to get out of other country’s business, the US legal system’s status as a “4th world”, and the changing culture of law throughout Robert’s career.

Key Takeaways:

[2:35] Robert’s education on the deterioration of ethics

[5:20] Eventually the US needs to let people in other countries decide for themselves how they want to run their country

[7:53] Robert’s dealings with Russia

[12:45] Is this just a bunch of unintended consequences?

[16:42] What does it mean that we’ve criminalized our foreign policy?

[18:37] One immediate move that would help lighten the amount of laws we have in the system

[19:57] The US legal system has made Robert call the US a “4th World”

[23:18] What changes has Robert seen in the legal profession during his career




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