Vacancy rates, rent increases and the misnomers of hedonic indexing.

Jason goes it alone in this very informative and futuristic episode. He breaks down vacancy rates so you know how often you can be without tenants and have a healthy passive income. He alerts us to tools which help us to do the math with our properties. He even has a special discount for his favorite tool, Property Tracker. He then delves into Peter Diamandis’s newsletter about why this is such an amazing time to be alive. You will be amazed to hear the possibilities we humans will have in less than 5 years.

Key Takeaways:

[4:26] Healthy vacancy rates

[8:52] Meet the Masters online course

[12:13] Raising rents and 2-year leases

[16:17] “Abundance: The future is better than you think”, new products coming our way

[24:41] We all want cheap, abundant energy

[25:42] Mapping the materials genome

[27:44] When the government misleads us about inflation it is an example of Moore’s Law

[30:59] Explaining hedonic indexing

[33:08] Recyclable carbon fiber composites


Jason Hartman

Hartman Education

Property Tracker

Property Evaluator


Abundance the future is better than you think – Peter Diamandis

Longevity & Bio-Hacking Podcast



Do you know what a normal rent increase should be in your property’s market?

If you are not signing 2-year leases and raising rents every year you are missing out on passive income.”

It’s an amazing time to be alive. The changes in technology coming in the next 5 years will blow your mind.”

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